Empowering women to create their own sense of style 

Because feeling amazing shouldn’t

be left to chance 

What if you felt effortlessly confident when choosing what you were going

to wear each day? 

Imagine walking into your wardrobe and knowing that you could pull together an outfit that was stylish and spoke to your personality, as well as being comfortable and practical for your lifestyle. 

I’m Suzanne Wetherall – the personal stylist in Perth for women who are done with dull, sick of the same-old and ready to uncover (or rediscover) their style and feel fabulous. I work with women just like you to build the skills and confidence to create an effortless wardrobe that reflects your personality and your lifestyle. 


Sound familiar? 


Your wardrobe is overflowing, yet you regularly lament ‘I’ve got nothing to wear’ and throw on the same old things. 


You woke up one day and realised you’ve become that mum who hides herself in the kind of clothes you swore you’d never wear.  


The idea of shopping fills you with dread. The results are always the same: coming home with nothing, or worse, buying things that don’t work for you.

Stop the fashion frustration.

We will work together to uncover your unique style and rebuild your relationship with your wardrobe. My process empowers you to understand your personal style, along with the ideal colours and clothing choices to make you look and feel fabulous. 

Suzanne Wetheral - Personal Stylist

Real style is never right or wrong, it’s a matter of embracing being you. 

What do Suzanne’s

personal styling clients say? 

Thank you so much Suzanne, our session has given me much more than I was expecting.
I was quite nervous going into the experience thinking that I was going to be embarrassed of all my incorrect fashion choices. Instead you made me so comfortable and pointed out all the things I was doing right and that it wasn’t about showing me my wrongs but instead working with me to figure out where I wanted to be . By helping me to tweak what I was currently doing to get to this new happy place.
It’s so great to actually understand how to achieve the look I was chasing, and I’m amazed how simple it was once I was guided through it. My size and shape seemed to change overnight just buy changing the way I wore clothes.
My colours were certainly different from what I expected them to be, but it helped to explain why certain items of clothing I was trying on and disliking was really based on the colour choice. I didn’t at first understand which colours make you “pop” until you showed me which colours made me “pop” and wow I was shocked with how powerful getting your colours right can be.
I now have a new love for shopping, and it is no longer disheartening and time wasting, its quick , enjoyable and satisfying.
Our session was a lot of fun, with great laughs and I left feeling confident and excited to play in my wardrobe.
Thank you thank you thank you for the gift you have given me .

- Amanda W, FACEBOOK review.

The complete personal styling service 

Suzanne offers tailored experiences in collaboration with hair and makeup specialist Janine. 

shadeME, shapeME,


Our signature personal styling package – colour, body shape and style. 


Shop your own wardrobe and discover new ways of styling your existing outfits 


A shopping experience tailored to your style, budget and clothing needs 


Perfect styling, hair and make-up, ready for that special event. 


Surprise someone special with a gift of our services.